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Conservation Area Appraisals

con-area-appThe first conservation area was designated in 1967 and has been a designation used all over England in order to preserve areas considered to be of special historical and/or architectural significance. There is also the ability to impose an Article 4 direction which enables certain permitted development rights to be removed. Although there is no requirement to undertake a Conservation Area Appraisal in order to designate a Conservation Area, they are highly recommended. A Conservation Management Plan enables an analysis of the positive and negative elements of a Conservation Area, as well as providing policies for future management of the area. They are also useful when considering the alteration of the Conservation Area boundary. JS Conservation Management & Town Planning can assist with the undertaking of a Conservation Area Appraisal, or updating management plans which should be undertaken at least every five years. Some of the conservation area appraisals undertaken by JS Conservation management & Town Planning include:-

Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans

Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, Essex – Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

The Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation is a canalised river which stretches 22 kms from Heybridge Basin to Chelmsford. The Conservation Area which includes, the waterway, the surrounding landscapes, buildings and structures, its historic economic function, and transport function and as a river made navigable is considered significant for its architectural, landscape, historic and scenic interest. Since it was made navigable in the late 18th Century, the Navigation has been fundamental in the growth of industrial development along the waterway, acting as a focal point for activities linked to the waterway as well as influencing the development of larger settlements such as Chelmsford, Maldon and Heybridge, and the industrialisation of settlements as well as bringing the railway to this part of Essex.

Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan Review

JS Conservation Management & Town Planning Ltd have also been involved with the updating of conservation area management plans which involves a refresh of existing policies and a review of the changes to the conservation area and potential boundary adjustments. We have been involved in the following reviews:-

Tamworth Borough Council

This assessment included the updating of the 7 Conservation Area Management Plans of the Tawmorth Borough Council which looked at what has changed within the conservation areas, as well as improvements and positive and negative attributes and the development of new policies for each of the conservation areas. The assessment also included the review of each of the boundaries in accordance with the guidance published by Historic England.

London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

This assessment followed the consultation into village plans where residents made suggestions of new conservation areas as well as amendments to existing conservation areas. This involved the development of a template based upon Historic England guidance on conservation area and assessment of 24 individual streets for their inclusion into new or existing conservation areas.