Planning Policy – JS Conservation Management & Town Planning

Planning Policy

planning-policyJS Conservation Management & Town Planning provides short term contracts in Planning Policy for Local Government and has a broad range of experience in all areas of the development plan preparation and process. Some of the projects which JS Conservation Management & Town Planning have been involved with include:

• Site Allocations DPD (Preferred Options)
• Settlement Hierarchy Background Paper;
• Rural allocations Background Paper;
• Town allocations Background paper;
• Open Space Sports and Recreation Study Update;
• S106 Project list development
• Advocate in planning appeals
• Public consultations events
• Undertaking Member briefings and training sessions

• Site allocations DPD for Rural Housing, Rural Employment and District Travellers (Preferred Options);
• Local Development Plan (Submission and main mods)
• Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

• Local Plan (Preferred options and Submission)
• Managing consultants for the Employment Land Study and Retail Study;
• Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
• Joint Core Strategy (Issues and Options)
• Smoking Shelter Planning Guidance;
• Development Briefs for major sites;
• Annual Monitoring Report